Confuse Your Cat
Instrumental Fusion, Rock & Jazz


Facts & Faq's about gigs with Confuse Your Cat

Band Profile:

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Technical Information:

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Gig FAQs:

Where does Confuse Your Cat perform best?

We preferrably play wherever people enjoy listening to good music. Our music is not really suitable as background for parties or other events. For this reason we don't play at private parties of any kind.

Confuse Your Cat has its best place in a live music pub or small club or on a small to mid size festival. We enjoy being in close touch to our audience and people do enjoy this very much as well.

In which regions/countries does Confuse Your Cat play?

We are located in the region of Cologne in Germany and we play local gigs in a 150km circle around Cologne without certain efforts. For a nice gig we don't mind to travel but if the venue is further away we need a hotel and reimbursement of other expenses.

Is Confuse Your Cat a loud band?

Honestly - rather YES. For some sections please imagine a fairly loud and powerful Rock Band but in between it goes extensively into 'jazzy' laid back volume. It's very dynamic and that means sometimes loud.
However - we have never had complaints about being too loud - seriously.

Can we book Confuse Your Cat for a charity event?

 Yes, if we identify ourselves with the purpose. Please get in touch!


Yes! Thanks! However - often not our no. 1 priority.....